First Sunday with Grace?

Service Order and Length

Our typical Sunday morning worship service begins with a time of praise. We have a blend of hymns and contemporary songs with scripture readings, reflective prayer time and public praise. This is followed by a sermon from our pastor and ends with a time of personal worship and a time to respond. Our normal service time is one hour.

Where to Go

If you have children ages 4 and under, you can take them to the nursery, which is around the corner to the left of the front doors, or you can bring them with you into the sanctuary on your right. We promote family worship at Grace and encourage families to worship together when practical. After our praise portion of the service, children of all ages are invited to Children's Church where they will learn Biblical Truth, hands on, and return at the end of the service.

What is the Service Like and How do I Dress

We are business casual in our services. We will accept you for worship as you are with a general encouragement to give your best to the Lord, whatever that is. No suit and tie necessary. Our pastor will generally wear slacks or blue jeans and a nice shirt and sports coat, maybe a sweater in the winter.